How to Style Leggings

Like us, you undoubtedly have a pile of leggings in your wardrobe that are just itching to be styled differently with the rest of your clothes. That's where legging-obsessed models and celebs come in. As evidenced by the ensembles worn by It Girls worldwide over the past couple of years, comfort has clearly taken precedence. This will undoubtedly inspire many others to wear leggings in the future.

It would be incorrect to reject leggings as "at-home loungewear." They are undoubtedly among the most comfortable legwear options available, but who doesn't enjoy comfort? Furthermore, they are regarded as casual, and we all know what that entails.

They're often regarded as being unsuitable in any ambiguously formal context, including the workplace. Because of this association, we frequently discover that simply donning leggings can make us feel, well, dull.

Leggings For Work

When sporting leggings to the office, there are a few things to keep in mind. Black stirrup leggings are the ideal choice, and heavier fabrics are a must to prevent transparency.

Put on a pristine shirt and a roomy blazer to go with them. Avoid sneakers and opt for dapper heels. Being soaked through? Substitute a trench coat for the blazer.

For A Day Out

This chic ensemble needs the least amount of "closet-meandering" and is cosy, informal, and ideal for no-nonsense days.

Dark leggings, a cropped, light-coloured pullover, a puffer jacket in a complementing colour, and nude shoes are all included.

Its full-coverage design makes it the ideal outfit for early spring or fall. A luxe bag is undoubtedly an added perk, but it also draws attention to the monochromatic hues used in the OOTD.

For A Casual Look

Flannel shirts and leggings don't go together, so you're stuck trying to figure it out. When worn with bell-bottom sweatpants, most oversized button-down shirts have a flared bottom.

Contrary to common assumption, there are other cuts of leggings that don't have the complete, skin-tight feel, and this ensemble is tangible evidence of that.

A plain crewneck, flared bottoms, and a checkered shirt make up this incredibly casual ensemble for soft tomboyish types.

For Winter Days

Winter weather necessitates wearing more layers. Sometimes leggings are simply insufficient. We advise wearing knee-high boots with your leggings rather than choosing heavy wool pants.

This ensemble exemplifies the elegance of the minimalist style and is completed with a black blazer, a turtleneck that matches it, and a decorative muted jumper.

Since the colour is very dull, we advise wearing gold-colored jewellery to "warm up" the cool tones.

Types Of Leggings To Buy

Dedicated fans of slim-fit sweatpants have dozens of pairs in their wardrobes. Even better, you can put aside a set for working, a set for exercising, and a pair for resting.

We'll highlight a few popular fits for you to take into consideration if you're trying to increase your own legging inventory, and follow our guide

  1. Full-Length: There is a 100% probability that you have a pair of full-length leggings in your closet. They are the most popular kind of pants available. They are perfect for wearing out casually or as gym sweats because they are stylish, form-fitting, and comfortable.
  2. Cropped Leggings: Have cropped leggings become the norm for summer? If so, you're likely seeking for a more permeable option. Even though they are shorter, cropped leggings nevertheless give off a sleek appearance. They work well for high-performance sports like wading in water.
  3. Flared: Several bell-bottom styles have been highlighted in our chosen outfits throughout our "how to wear leggings" guide. If you're looking for a change of pace, this is a terrific alternative.
  4. Leggings made with faux leather are a great option if you love the look of leather pants but dislike how confining they feel. A more adaptable choice, these are must buy
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