Tips To Choose The Perfect Leggings & Kurti Pants

Kurti pants and leggings are back in fashion with a bang, these apparels are now a necessity and a requirement in almost every women’s wardrobe despite their age and profession.

What works marvelously for the leggings is the utmost fashion front along with super comfort. While with Kurti pants comfort is the first thing in mind along with that it provides an elegant look.

With the rise of the workout range, leggings can also be worn for workout sessions, a casual gathering, or even as office wear.

With all these options available, you better know how to style or choose your perfect pair of leggings or Kurti pants. In this blog, you will get all the answers that might bother you regarding leggings and Kurti pants.


Leggings are apparel that hugs your figure and gives you a sassy look. Thus, they highlight your body shape, While Kurti pants provide the utmost comfort with an elegant look. So it’s of utmost importance that you choose your fabric according to your figure, whether to wear leggings or Kurti pants.  

If you have an hourglass figure, a high-rise is a style you need. Opt for the High-rise leggings that slim down your midsection, highlighting all your perfect curves. You can choose any sort of side paneling, that will make your legs appear leaner and longer. 

If you have the classic apple-shaped figure, you may be skeptical about opting for leggings in the first place, however, you can go forward with the Kurti pants. Opt for a Mid-rise with low-key colors. But hey, if you think you can pull off printed patterns, go for it! But be sure to club those Printed bottoms with Solid tops to give a perfect balanced look to your entire attire.

If you’re someone with a petite figure, bold prints and color-blocking leggings are your perfect match. Cropped Kurti pants at the bottom are a good idea for you as it creates an overall illusion of being taller. You can top it off with low heels or flats for a sassy look.


With any of your clothes, the most important thing to consider is the fabric that you buy. Since you’re probably going to wear it for an entire day, if you live in a hot atmosphere you should avoid using cotton as it soaks up a lot due to sweat. However, you can go for a far more comfortable fabric like Spandex which will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Also, if you go for good quality stretchable fabricated leggings, you can use them for double purposes as your casual legging as well as your workout legging. While choosing the leggings make sure to buy one with sweat-resistant and moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and cozy throughout the day. Another thing to check out while buying leggings or pants is if the stitching is heavy, which might harshly rub on your skin causing irritation.

Now if you’re considering which leggings or Kurti pants would be the most suitable for you, we have the widest range of leggings and Kurti pants that would keep you chic and comfortable throughout the day and help you maintain a beautiful look thoroughly. Checkout our collection now

Our Kurti pants, with their sweat-resistant and moisture-wicking properties, make them ideal for your favorite outdoor activities. While our fashionable Plain Leggings and Kurti pants make casual office day that much more fun and cozy. 



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