Why are feeding kurtis important for mothers?

Kurtis are a traditional wear for Indian women, which is comfortable and breezy to wear for any occasion. The word ‘kurti’ is originated from the Sanskrit word ‘kuratu’ or ‘kurtaka’ which means kurti in english. They have evolved into different types and kinds for the comfortability and modernity of women’s wear. With this, the one evolution that took place in kurtis are the feeding Kurtis.

Feeding Kurtis are essential for mothers, especially first-time moms who find it difficult to nurse her baby. These kurtis come with a zip in front of the kurti for making it easier for mothers to feed their child even whilst at a public place. This provides mothers with much comfort and ease in nursing their baby. 

Feeding Kurtis with a zip has become the favorites of mothers around the world. Though these have become popular amongst the first-time mothers, there are still a section who are not aware about the uses/advantages of a good feeding kurti in your wardrobe. This blog gives you an insight about the advantages of a feeding kurtis in every mother’s life today.

Being a mother, who is socially active would have to run around with their newborns to make their needs happen. In between this, the most concerning problem of a mother is nursing their baby. Due to this one problem, women tend to stay back home avoiding events and other get-togethers. This leads to depression and other mentally disturbing problems amongst mothers which is not healthy for the child as well. Hence, feeding kurtis with a zip gives you the accessibility and easy to feed your child from wherever you are. It simply doesn’t come with a zip, but also with a breast supporter preventing sagging of the breasts.

There are also several pointers to be kept in mind while buying a feeding kurti, ie,. 

The zips for feeding kurtis are in different alignments, some could be horizontal, vertical or even diagonal. You need to choose the right one according to your comfortability as many mothers adopt different methods for nursing. Also, make sure that your feeding clothes are loose so as to not hurt your stitches. 

Even though a vertically aligned zip gives you better support for the breast and also makes it easier for you to put it on and off, they are not comfortable to be worn for extended periods of time. Whereas a horizontally aligned zip gives you better comfortability for extended periods of time but doesn’t provide you with the ease in putting them on and off as well as does not support the breasts, making it difficult for mothers to run their errands everyday. 

What you wear, and how you wear it is always your choice and comfortability. Feeding Kurtis are available at affordable prices everywhere, making it easier for mothers to get access to it. They are also available in various fabrics and designs to make it fashionable, moreover comfortable. You could even use several DIY’s available online to make yourself a feeding kurti by converting your old normal kurtis. Hoping this blog helped you to find your comfortable feeding kurti, for more kurtis selections check out sandgrouse.in for affordable and comfortable trendy kurtis, leggings and khadi pants. Keep shopping, Stay fashionable.

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