3 Tips and Tricks for Choosing Right Kurti Pants & Leggings

The fashion Industry is growing day by day. It isn’t anymore about wearing what everyone else is doing. Nowadays is all about wearing something that suits and fits the best. The right size and fit are actually very important when you’re shopping. This gets all the more important when you are finding a new pair of leggings. Whether you plan on including them as part of your daily essentials or are looking for leggings to work out in. You definitely need a pair that offers ample coverage without letting go of the freedom of movement.

Well, you might have figured that all sizes and fits for leggings aren’t standardised across all apparel brands and platforms. In this blog, we are going to find a few advanced hacks that can help you determine which leggings are the right size and fit for your body. After knowing all these tips and tricks you can also be helpful when you go online to browse a selection of leggings.

Start with Your Normal Jeans Size

Leggings won’t fit you exactly as your normal pants fit. That said, your regular Jeans size is still a good start. If you are usually buying your jeans in a small or extra-small size, you really want to buy the same size for your leggings. Extra-large leggings are really not your call.

However, size formats can differ for the different types of clothing. If you’re shopping online for Kurti pants for women, that can be a real headache if you don’t know where and what to look for. 

For instance, some brands use the international system of Small, Medium, and Large sizes. On the other hand, some brands use sizes that are measured in inches.

The simpler way to cut through all of the confusion and rescue yourself from the hustle-bustle of buying and returning the products. Most brands selling leggings and Kurti pants online typically have a size chart or guide posted on their website. It is usually embedded directly in their product pages. 

Seek 4-Way Stretch Fabric

Choosing the right material for your clothing is crucial. If you end up paying for the wrong material it can be itchy and very uncomfortable. Sometimes it doesn’t even worth the money. While buying bottom wear stretch fabric is the most sold after, as it is the most comfortable one. 

Well, the story doesn't just end there. Stretch fabric is also available in two variants, two-way stretch, and four-way stretch. Two-way stretch fabrics can be stretched in only one direction, while four-way one can be stretched both crosswise and lengthwise. This means that two-way stretch fabrics are tighter and more restrictive than four-way stretch fabrics.

If you’re shopping for leggings to work out in, or to go about your daily chores you might need the utmost comfort. Thus, you might want to keep these properties in mind while surfing. Four-way stretch leggings are more forgiving, size-wise while giving you full freedom of movement. Another plus side of four-way stretch fabric is that it holds its original shape better than two-way stretch fabric.

Know What Makes Leggings the Wrong Size and Fit

Sometimes, the best method to find the right leggings is to know why the pair you’re currently wearing is not the right choice. Leggings should be completely opaque, no doubt and/or questions there. If you can see your skin through your pant when you exercise or simply bend and go through your day, that means they’re too tight and you should get rid of them. You definitely need to go a size up or go for a pair made of a different fabric or material.

Checking the leggings’ crotch area is another way to tell if it’s the wrong size and fit for you. If you see too much fabric pooling there when you put it on, that means that the leggings are too loose and that you should size down. On the other hand, if you can see the outline of a camel toe in that area, they’re overstretched and too tight against the crotch. In that case, you should definitely go at least one or two sizes up. Leggings should also never pinch or pull, whether you’re simply walking in them or performing a yoga pose.

Leggings should fit you snugly and comfortably, much like a second skin. Finding the perfect pair might take a bit of time, but with our tips and tricks, the process should be much easier.

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